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How to sell De Ja Vue.

Care Rx serves as an interoperable clinical services platform for patient focused MTM, (Medication Therapy Management) clinical outcomes management results, and adherence programs.
The integrated workflow of Care Rx helps pharmacy professionals go beyond filling prescriptions and expand their role in patient outcomes.


CARE RX was an opportunity to re-brand a company that had been placed in mothballs years ago. Originally started in the early nineties CARE RX had a very short run trying to do what it is doing now but the industry was not ready for the type of integration the company was offering. Because the tech was ahead of its time the industry
just said pass.


Fast-forward to 2014 and the relaunch of the platform. Like a new model of a car CARE RX was reintroduced into the world. Newly designed and with a re-imaged software that is more robust than its predecessor.

CARE RX case study.jpg

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Because of the history of the platform, some serious issues had to be addressed. A new Branding strategy was needed. The industry had caught up to the service, but no one truly understood how it fit into their business strategy. So, one of the biggest pushes is a re-education campaign that not only introduced the product
but also made patients the center of the marketing. One of CARE RX major goals as a platform is patient adherence; companies having the ability to track and take care of their patients needs.

We produced brochures, a website, and videos for the product which were all well received by the company. The strategy was to reconnect to older clients with a new look that would work in tandem to entice new customers with a very people-centric approach. Emphasizing the information on data analytics, reconciliation, audit capabilities, paperless documentation, and clinical support allowing the customer to accomplish more business while improving their patients’ well-being.

CARE RX case study_2.jpg

We got the second look.

The relaunch was a huge success. During the first launch of the software solution, it was met with crickets, because the product was way before its time; add to that branding with no story to push the marketing. It was bound to fail. The relaunch of CARE RX focused its marketing more on the people it can help and the ability to have the data through the CARE RX software to prove it. In the end people remembered CARE RX but this time around the company had a better story to tell.

CARE RX case study_3.jpg
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